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Creating a sustainable future

Transforming our economy by focusing on a manufacturing model that balances growth and investment with sustainability, processing our natural resources here in New Zealand rather than shipping raw materials offshore.

Our first step is manufacturing affordable, healthy homes from homegrown sustainable natural resources.

Our modular homes are made from engineered timber, the construction material of choice for the low carbon economy of the future.

Our products are designed to displace the use of carbon-intensive steel and reduce concrete use (estimated to be responsible for 9% and 8% of global emissions respectively) in the low/ medium-rise construction sector. Utilising engineered timber means that the carbon absorbed by sustainable forestry is then captured for as long as the building stands, rather than released through natural decomposition.

Wooden cities become giant carbon sinks.

Man assembling timber framing inside a large factory

Using engineered timber in construction

  • Displaces carbon-intensive steel & concrete with sustainable wood.
  • Has equivalent durability, strength, stability, seismic resilience, thermal performance, and fire resistance.
  • Allows for quicker construction time (up to 6x faster due to the modular construction methods used by our building system).
  • Offers design flexibility.
  • Allows for reduced foundations as it is significantly lighter (1/5th of reinforced concrete), reducing overall construction and engineering costs
  • Generates less waste on site and limits wet trades or brick/block work creating dust pollution.
  • Reduces the need for material handling, improving health and safety.
Aerial view of proposed Marsden Point solar farm

Driven by green energy

Future Forest Products produces affordable homes from New Zealand wood, powered by renewable energy.

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